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Estimated delivery time 2-6 days 90CM Panel Mount USB Cable - USB A to Motherboard Header Cable F/F

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Στα αγαπημένα USBPNLAFHD3 90CM USB A AUF 5 PIN MAINBOARD (USBPNLAFHD3) 90CM Panel Mount USB Cable - USB A to Motherboard Header Cable F/F

The USBPNLAFHD3 3ft Panel Mount USB Cable enables you to add a well-secured, easy to access USB 2.0 port to your PC, offering a convenient solution for connecting bootable thumb drives or authentication fobs etc. to the motherboard USB connection.

The adapter features one female USB header connector and one female panel mount USB-A port and gives you an extension of 3ft, enabling you to place the cable as needed within the system case.

The USBPNLAFHD3 is backed by’s lifetime warranty for guaranteed reliability.

The Advantage
- Customize your solutions by mounting a USB-A port on your PC.
- Configure your systems as needed, extend your USB motherboard connection by 3ft.
- Guaranteed reliability.

Feature list

USB version: 2.0
Connector 1: IDC
Connector 2: USB A
Gender type: Female/Female
Cable length: 0.9 m
Connector contacts plating: Nickel
Material: PVC
Data transfer rate max: 480 Mbit/s
Weight: 34 g
RoHS compliance: Y
Quantity per pack: 1
Package weight: 40 g
Colour of product: Black 90CM USB A AUF 5 PIN MAINBOARD (USBPNLAFHD3)


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