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Z-SLCT 2000D 102X152MM 800264-605

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Zebra 800264-605 Z-SLCT 2000D 102X152MM 800264-605

Z-SLCT 2000D 102X152MM 800264-605

Zebra's direct thermal labels are available in paper or synthetic formats. Paper offers an inexpensive way to print in a variety of general-purpose applications, while synthetic offers more durable, long-lasting results with resistance to abrasion, moisture, and chemicals.

Direct thermal technology does not require a ribbon. Instead, a chemically coated heat-sensitive material produces images as heat is applied to the surface. Ideal for indoor applications where temperatures will not exceed high levels.

Premium cold temperature performance and adhesion to a variety of surfaces. All-temperature, permanent adhesive. Premium, smooth, bright white. Thermally-sensitive top-coating increases the battery life of Zebra mobile printers, ensuring maximum printhead life.

Feature list

Media size 1 slide: 4" x 6"
Labels per pack: 5700
Colour of product: White
Material: Paper
Print technology: Thermal Transfer
Quantity per box: 12 pcs

Z-SLCT 2000D 102X152MM 800264-605


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