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Zebra Z Trans 5P Matte permanent acrylic adhesive paper white 25.4 x 50.8 mm 2580 label(s) ( 1 roll(s) x 2580 )

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Zebra 880007-025D Zebra Z-PERF 1000T 51X25MM (880007-025D)

Zebra Z-PERF 1000T 51X25MM (880007-025D)

A topcoated white gloss polyester thermal transfer label stock that delivers superior quality, small fonts, and bar codes when used with Zebra Resin Ribbons. Features a high-strength permanent acrylic adhesive. Offers unsurpassed scratch and smear resistance. UL approved and CSA recognized. Ideal for applications with high exposure to heat, abrasion, or chemicals, including outdoor asset tracking and sterilization of hospital equipment. Available in a wide range of off-the-shelf sizes.


- Chemical Resistant.
- High Durability.
- High Heat.

Compatible Printers:
A100, A300, DA402, Ht-146, T402, TLP 2722, TLP 2824, TLP 2844, TLP 2844-Z, TLP 3742, TLP 3842, TLP 3844-Z.

Feature list

Media size 1 slide: 50.8 x 25.4 mm
Labels per pack: 2580
Colour of product: White
Print technology: Thermal Transfer

Zebra Z-PERF 1000T 51X25MM (880007-025D)


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