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Zebra Z-SLCT 2000D 101.6X76.2MM (3003073)

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Zebra, 5656565656562
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Zebra 3003073 Zebra Z-SLCT 2000D 101.6X76.2MM (3003073)

Zebra Z-SLCT 2000D 101.6X76.2MM (3003073)

A white smooth coated direct thermal label that produces black visible light images at speeds of up to 152 mm per second on all Zebra industrial and desktop printers. The permanent rubber-based adhesive will adhere to most surfaces, and can be used at temperatures as low as -40º C. Ideal for packaging and labeling promotional products and chilled or frozen products. Available in a range of off-the-shelf sizes.

Feature list

Media size 1 slide: 101.6 mm x 76.2 mm
Labels per pack: 200
Colour of product: Black, White
Print technology: Thermal Transfer

Zebra Z-SLCT 2000D 101.6X76.2MM (3003073)


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