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Zebra Z-SLCT 2000D 102X152MM (200963)

Εγγύηση2 χρόνια
Zebra, 5052178119980
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2 χρόνια
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Zebra 200963 Zebra Z-SLCT 2000D 102X152MM (200963)

Zebra Z-SLCT 2000D 102X152MM (200963)

Direct 2100 is a white smooth coated direct thermal label that produces black visible light images at speeds of up to 152 mm per second. The permanent rubber-based adhesive will adhere to most surfaces, and can be used at temperatures as low as -40 C. Ideal for packaging and labeling promotional products and chilled or frozen products.

Feature list

Media size 1 slide: 101.6 x 152.4 mm
Labels per pack: 950
Colour of product: White
Print technology: Thermal Transfer
Quantity per box: 1 pcs

Zebra Z-SLCT 2000D 102X152MM (200963)


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