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Zebra ZBI 2.0 ENABLEMENT KIT (48766-001)

Εγγύηση2 χρόνια
Zebra, 4960999902142
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2 χρόνια
30 Είδη
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Zebra 48766-001 Zebra ZBI 2.0 ENABLEMENT KIT (48766-001)

Zebra ZBI 2.0 ENABLEMENT KIT (48766-001)

Providing an advanced Virtual ZBI 2.0 programming environment with pop-up help and plain-language messages, the free-of-charge PC-based ZBI-Developer programming utility makes it dramatically easier for programmers to create and test complex ZBI 2.0 programs and distribute them to the printer or printers.

Zebra's ZBI 2.0 Zebra BASIC Interpreter programming language is available as an affordable option on select Zebra printers. Together, ZBI 2.0 and Zebra's ZBI-Developer programming utility provide a powerful and flexible toolset for customizing Zebra printers to fit your unique applications.

Feature list

Compatibility: Zebra XI, 105SL, ZM4, ZM6 and S4M Printers
Software type: Disk Kit
Platform: PC

Zebra ZBI 2.0 ENABLEMENT KIT (48766-001)


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