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HP x4500 / Mouse / laser / wireless / metal black | H2W26AA#ABB

Warranty2 Years
Hewlett Packard, 0886112881221
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2 Years
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HP x4500 / Mouse / laser / wireless / metal black | H2W26AA#ABB


With the force of a lightning bolt, the HP Wireless Mouse X4500 grabs your soul and won't let go. Its modern design expresses sleek athleticism. Battery life can last a game-changing 30 months. Precise laser sensor works on most every surface. The HP Wireless Mouse X4500 combines dramatic contours and sweeping lines to be aggressive, sleek and sublime. The inspired sculpture is so breathtaking it belongs in a modern art museum.Masterfully crafted for agility and support, the HP Wireless Mouse X4500 holds your hand with all-day relaxation. Perfect balance, expert proportions and flared edges give this flawless mouse a custom-made feel. The HP Wireless Mouse X4500 catapults the everyday mouse into a new level of flexibility. Wireless connection frees you the cord. Plus, precise laser sensor works on almost every surface you can think of.

Product Specification

Device Type Mouse
Weight 75 g
Colour Metal black
Localisation English / Europe
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Movement Detection Technology Laser
Interfaces 1 x USB - 4 pin USB Type A
Designed For HP ¦ HP Chromebook ¦ HP Envy 15-j000ea, 15-j000eb, 15-j001sg, 15-j002er, 15-j002la, 15-j003la, 15-j003sg, 15-j006ss, 15-j007eo, 15-j007ss, 15-j009eo, 15-j009ss, 15-j011nr, 15-j012la, 15-j019eo, 15-j040el, 15-j071sf, 15-j081eg, 23-c055, 4-1010sn, 4-1015dx, 4-1020eb, 4-1030ca, 4-1035sg, 4-1100ed, 4-1100sl, 4-1101ea, 4-1101sa, 4-1102es, 4-1112sa, 4-1117nr, 4-1120tu, 4-1130la, 4-1130us, 4-1150ec, 4-1150ez, 4-1150la, 4-1155la, 4-1162sf, 4-1170ed, 4-1170sf, 4-1181eg, 4-1200eb, 4-1200el, 4-1201ea, 4-1202ss, 4-1204ea, 4-1205ss, 4-1250ez, 4-1250sf, 4-1252la, 6-1010ec, 6-1030ec, 6-1030sm, 6-1032eg, 6-1100sg, 6-1100sl, 6-1101es, 6-1101ss, 6-1102ed, 6-1102ep, 6-1103el, 6-1110eo, 6-1110sg, 6-1111tx, 6-1115eo, 6-1130sb, 6-1150eb, 6-1150ec, 6-1152ea, 6-1170sf, 6-1172ed, 6-1181eg, 6-1200ea, 6-1200eb, 6-1200el, 6-1200eo, 6-1202ea, 6-1202eo, 6-1202sa, 6-1202sg, 6-1204eo, 6-1260ez, 6-1260sf, 6-1270ef, 6-1270sf, 6-1292ed, dv6-7200ea, dv6-7200sa, dv6-7200sl, dv6-7201eg, dv6-7202eg, dv6-7202ss, dv6-7203es, dv6-7214nr, dv6-7214tx, dv6-7215nr, dv6-7215TX, dv6-7222nr, dv6-7223nr, dv6-7229nr, dv6-7240sg, dv6-7251eo, dv6-7252eo, dv6-7254eo, dv6-7267cl, dv6-7276ez, dv6-7280la, dv6-7280sl, dv6-7300ea, dv6-7300sa, dv6-7302eo, dv6-7370sf, dv7-7202ss, dv7-7205tx, dv7-7212nr, dv7-7215sg, dv7-7225sg, dv7-7250eb, dv7-7252eo, dv7-7283eg, dv7-7292eo, dv7-7299ef, h8-1435, h8-1445, h8-1455, m4-1040la, m4-1050la, m6-1101sg, m6-1103es, m6-1103ss, m6-1104es, m6-1150sa, m6-1150ss, m6-1182eg, m6-1210ei ¦ HP ENVY Phoenix h9-1335, h9-1355, h9-1370ef, h9-1390ef ¦ HP ENVY TouchSmart ¦ HP Mini 200-4200sm, 200-4200sw ¦ HP Pavilion ¦ HP Pavilion Chromebook ¦ HP Pavilion Gaming ¦ HP Pavilion TouchSmart ¦ HP Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook ¦ HP Pavilion x2 ¦ HP Pavilion x360 ¦ HP Spectre 14-3200ea, 14-3200ed, 14-3200ef, 14-3200eg, 14-3200eo, 14-3210nr ¦ HP Spectre x2 ¦ HP Spectre x360 ¦ HP SPECTRE XT TouchSmart ¦ HP Split x2 ¦ HP Stream ¦ HP Stream x360 ¦ HP TouchSmart

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Hewlett Packard
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