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micros STANDARD GELDKASSETTE BASIS (16101.277-0000)

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micros 16101.277-0000 micros STANDARD GELDKASSETTE BASIS (16101.277-0000)

micros STANDARD GELDKASSETTE BASIS (16101.277-0000)

Retail Standard Cash Cassette and Base Ideal for use with different European currencies

The spacious Standard Cash Cassette can be used with a large number of POS systems and can accommodate any type of notes and coins. It is equipped with eight removable coin compartments and four compartments for notes and receipts. Removing two coin compartments increases the number of available
note compartments to five.

- Electronically opened by the POS system
- The lock is shipped with up to 50 different lock combinations
- The base contains an electronic release unit
- Easy removal by pressing the release button
- 8 coin and 6 note compartments
- Robust, environmentally friendly and durable plastic
- Ideal for use with different European currencies

Feature list

Compatible products: POS
Weight: 1400 g
Width: 459 mm
Depth: 155 mm
Height: 100 mm

micros STANDARD GELDKASSETTE BASIS (16101.277-0000)

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