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Socket CHARGING CRADLE W/LATCH und AC (AC4056-1383)

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Socket AC4056-1383 Socket CHARGING CRADLE W/LATCH und AC (AC4056-1383)

Socket CHARGING CRADLE W/LATCH und AC (AC4056-1383)

Cordless Hand Scanner Antimicrobial White Charging Cradle

The CHS 7XRx/7XiRx charging cradle with secure latch allows you to charge and store your scanner when not in use in both fixed and mobile environments

The CHS antimicrobial white charging cradle is designed to recharge and allow easy storage of the CHS 7DiRx, 7XiRx or 7XRx scanner when not in use or in between scanning sessions. Included with the cradle is a multi-angle mounting bracket to setup the cradle in different positions on a flat surface or attached to a wall to allow for optimal comfort and ergonomics. The cradle features a floating contact charge system so all you need to do is set the CHS in the cradle to charge the scanner. An easy to view power LED indicates the cradle is ready and available for charging.

Feature list

Charger type: Indoor
Charger compatibility: Scanner
Compatible products: CHS 7XRx/7XiRx
Colour of product: White
Built-in battery: N

Socket CHARGING CRADLE W/LATCH und AC (AC4056-1383)

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