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Mission: Confidence with every click!

Effortless-Service-Professional! Based on these 3 factors we offer our customers satisfaction and confidence in their purchases. From the very beginning we invested in the design of our website , thus creating a very simple, fast and efficient means of web browsing. We have also managed to earn our trust and respect from both our customers and our suppliers/manufacturers, thus giving us a very reliable and trustworthy name in the European market of electronic trading. Our policy is to only negotiate with internationally known brands in the technology world and to negotiate on our customer’s behalf the finest quality at the best competitive prices.

Vision: From Europe to Worldwide

In our effort to continuously grow, our name would become known worldwide. Having our initial foundations in Cyprus we would look to expand dynamically and at a steady pace to all European countries.
Having created the correct foundations and having established a reliable after sales system support, from sales-delivery, we are confident to say that we would be able to accommodate all potential customers worldwide in the near future. This would only be effective once we could guarantee that all our existing customers would continue to receive equal and better customer support and additional privileges.

Basic Standards

Known brands at competitive prices

• We buy in quantity in order to receive the best prices from which our customers will benefit.
• The trust that we have built our name on has made our customers to continue supporting us with more frequent purchases and larger quantities. This means further discounts from our suppliers/manufacturers which our customers benefit from with further lower prices we would offer.
• E-shop shopping reduces maintenance costs and therefore increases the buyer’s benefits.

Guaranteed Quality, Wide Variety

• Amazing purchases means that we need to offer our customers new products whenever available and from a wide variety to choose from.
• All our products are originally branded which guarantee performance and quality as well as minimizing chances of returns due to malfunction.
• Due to our close business ties with all our suppliers/manufacturers , any items which are not listed in our catalogue can be accounted for if available and the price will be negotiated. (See Rules)

Support with Assurance

• We offer an easy means of delivery within 2 working days to all European countries , with Free delivery within Cyprus for purchases exceeding €100.(See Rules)
• Our professional trained staff with the support of a specialized system, record, report and update the customer on the status of his/her order from the time of the purchase until the final delivery.
• All our products are covered by a cancellation/return warranty and also for any technical amendments. (See Rules)

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Singular eShop
Location: Ayias Phylaxeos 54, 3025 Limassol, Cyprus
Telephone: 00357-25878758