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Liebert GXT3-3000RT230 UPS AC 220/230/240 V 2700 Watt 3000 VA 9 Ah USB 7 Output Connector(s) PFC 2U

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Emerson Liebert GXT3-3000RT230 Emerson Liebert LIEBERT GXT3 3000VA USV (GXT3-3000RT230)

Emerson Liebert LIEBERT GXT3 3000VA USV (GXT3-3000RT230)

The Liebert GXT3 is a compact, online uninterruptible power system UPS that continuously conditions and regulates its output voltage. The Liebert GXT3 is designed to supply microcomputers and other sensitive electronic equipment with clean sine wave input power, 700VA to 3000VA at 230V. Upon generation, AC power is clean and stable. However, during transmission and distribution it is subject to voltage sags, spikes and complete failure that may interrupt computer operations, cause data loss and damage equipment.
The Liebert GXT3 protects equipment from these disturbances. The Liebert GXT3 continuously charges its batteries from the mains, enabling it to supply power to connected loads, even when the mains fail. This section describes the UPS, its features, models, appearance and components, operating principles and operating mode.

The UPS includes the following features:
- Intelligent battery management to extend the battery life
- Operation and display panel with LED for monitoring load percentage and battery capacity independently
- Flexible network management with Liebert MultiLink™ software
- Fan fault self-inspection and automated diagnostic function
- Intelligent fan operation, automatically changing rotation speed depending on system requirements,
- to decrease power consumption and noise
- Input circuit breaker to ease recovery from overloads
- CE mark and safety approval from CE
- Communication options: USB port, Liebert IntelliSlot® port and terminal block communication
- Dry contacts for remote monitoring
- Input power factor greater than 0.99
- Output voltage selection function

Feature list

Output power capacity VA: 3000 VA
Output power: 2700 W
Power supply input frequency: 40/70 Hz
Battery technology: Sealed Lead Acid VRLA
Battery recharge time: 3 h
Weight: 32000 g
Operating temperature range T-T: 0 - 40 °C
Storage temperature range T-T: -15 - 50 °C
Operating relative humidity range: 0 - 95 %
Operating altitude: 0 - 3000 m
Safety: EC/EN/AS 62040-1-1:2008
Package dimensions WxDxH: 570 x 617 x 262 mm
Noise level: 48 dB
Dimensions WxDxH: 430 x 497 x 85 mm
Nominal input voltage: 230 V
Compatible operating systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Emerson Liebert LIEBERT GXT3 3000VA USV (GXT3-3000RT230)


Emerson Liebert
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