V7 Privacy Filter, Notebook privacy filter 15.4" (PS15.4WA2-2E)

V7 J151655

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Product Code:J151655
EAN Code:4038489022455

V7 PS15.4WA2-2E V7 Privacy Filter, Notebook privacy filter 15.4" (PS15.4WA2-2E)

V7 Privacy Filter, Notebook privacy filter 15.4" (PS15.4WA2-2E)

When privacy is important, the V7 Privacy Filter provides a special darkening technology to help keep your private information on your computer monitor safe and secure from wandering eyes. Protect your visual privacy. When you hop on the Internet, check your e-mail, and access your work or personal files from virtually anywhere, it’s more important than ever to protect your confidential information, no matter where you are with the V7 Privacy Filter.

Technical Details

V7 Privacy Filters are designed to allow the person directly in front of the screen/monitor to view its content without blurring or distortion. The filter darkens on-screen information when viewed from various side angles. The high-gloss finish sharpens the clarity and color while the reversible matte finish reduces glare all while helping to protect the fragile LCD screens from scratches and damage. Sizes are available to fit most laptop computers and desktop displays. V7 couples a guaranteed quality product with aggressive pricing to provide you with the tools you will need to make an intelligent buying decision. A few points on why you should consider the V7 privacy filter brand:

Safeguard Your Information and Data:
Take control over your information and data, your interests and life with V7 Privacy Filters. Identity theft and corporate information loss cost companies hundreds of millions of dollars per year. A V7 Privacy Filter gives you the freedom to access sensitive data virtually anywhere without sacrificing image clarity or screen performance.

Easy Installation:
V7 Privacy Filters are easy to attach and remove, and can be left in place even when your laptop computer is closed. Applying the privacy filter comes with mounting tabs and a cleaning cloth. The V7 Privacy Filters can be repositioned hundreds of times.

Feature list

Aspect ratio: 16:10
Widescreen: Y
Height: 8.18 "
Width: 13.09 "
332 mm
Height: 208 mm
Screen size compatibility: 15.43 "
Colour of product: Transparent

V7 Privacy Filter, Notebook privacy filter 15.4" (PS15.4WA2-2E)


Product Code:
EAN Code:

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