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Epson TM L90 Receipt printer two-colour (monochrome) thermal line Roll (8 cm) 203 dpi up to 150 mm / sec capacity: 1 roll serial

Epson 235A509

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Product Code:235A509
EAN Code:8715946116976

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Epson C31C412022 Epson TM-L90 SERIELL DARK GREY (C31C412022)

Epson TM-L90 SERIELL DARK GREY (C31C412022)

Performance and practicality
Whether you need an address label with a two-dimensional barcode to track deliveries from the stockroom to their destination; or a sharp, eye-catching colour label which will really make an impact on customers, the TM-L90 series is an invaluable asset to your business. Offering fast, thermal printing at 150 millimetres per second to ensure smooth, instant results - it's ideal for supermarket service counters, or pharmacy labels, as well as simple address labels or price markdowns. If you require something more sophisticated, the TM-L90 series can also produce complex, high-resolution colour text and graphics at 100 millimetres per second.

Advanced and easy-to use
Printing text and graphics in red or blue, the TM-L90 series includes practical design features such as drop-in paper load, selectable auto-cutter and jamproof paper feeding ensure smooth operation, while easily accessible operator covers enable trouble-free maintenance. In addition, the TM-L90 Peeler includes a peeler mechanism, ideal for batch labelling and back office operations, to speed up workflow.

Reliable and efficient
The TM-L90 series is also extremely dependable, with a MCBF Mean Characters Before Failure rate of 70 million. Plus, its excellent cable management system prevents accidental disconnection while in use.

Versatile and adaptable
Altogether, the TM-L90 label printer series is one of the most efficient for the retail sector: it accepts large diameter paper rolls up to 90 millimetres in diameter; you can select one of three paper width options to produce labels in different sizes; and the decreased print margins help to reduce wastage. The TM-L90 series benefits from Windows and OPoS drivers and a wide range of interface options, including a high speed serial interface, as well as USB and Ethernet connectivity, which enable the printer to be operated as a network device, eliminating the need for extra PC hardware. In addition, the space-saving design and stylish appearance in cool white or dark grey fits neatly into any retail environment. The product can also be wall-mounted.

Feature list

Maximum resolution: 203 x 203 DPI
Print speed: 150 mm/sec
Interface: Serial RS-232
Connectivity technology: Wired
RS-232 ports: 1
Flash memory: 0.384 MB
Weight: 1900 g
Dimensions WxDxH: 140 x 203 x 148 mm
Compatibility: PS-180
Electromagnetic compatibility: VCCI class A, FCC class A, CE marking, Canada EMI, AS/NZS 3548 Class B
Safety: UL/CSA, TÜV EN60950
Mean time between failures MTBF: 360000 h
Maximum roll diameter: 90 mm
Supported paper width: 37.5 ± 0.5 / 59.5 ± 0.5 / 79±0.5 mm
Operating temperature T-T: 5 - 45 °C

Epson TM-L90 SERIELL DARK GREY (C31C412022)


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