HP X1000 / Mouse / optical / 3 buttons / wired / USB / metallic grey, glossy black | H2C21AA


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Product Code:94367MD
EAN Code:0886112723255
Manufacturer:Hewlett Packard
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HP X1000 / Mouse / optical / 3 buttons / wired / USB / metallic grey, glossy black | H2C21AA


Built with strict standards and guidelines, the HP Mouse X1000 effortlessly blends sleek, modern design with life-enhancing, advanced features. The sleek and modern HP Mouse X1000 adds an instant touch of trend-setting style to any work space. Glossy black and metallic gray shine with sophistication. Plus, its curvy silhouette gives it a seductive shape. The HP Mouse X1000 features the latest technology you crave. Dependable USB plug connects in one simple step. 3 buttons improve productivity. Scroll wheel flies through the web and documents. Optical sensor works on most surfaces.

Special Features

  • Very affordable solution
  • Stylish shape and color
  • Ambidextrous to fit all hands
  • Optical sensor for smooth and accurate cursor movement
  • No driver required for fast setup

Product Specification

Device Type Mouse
Width 5.7 cm
Depth 9.485 cm
Height 3.911 cm
Weight 80 g
Colour Metallic grey, glossy black
Connectivity Technology Wired
Interface USB
Movement Detection Technology Optical
Buttons Qty 3
Features Scrolling wheel
Interfaces 1 x USB - 4 pin USB Type A
Designed For OMEN by HP ¦ HP ¦ HP Envy ¦ HP ENVY Phoenix ¦ HP ENVY Recline 23-k450na, 23-k470na ¦ HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j002ea, 15-j003ed, 15-j009wm, 15-J020US, 15-J040US, 15-J050US, 15-j057cl, 15-j084eg, 15-j091ef, 4-1103ea, 4-1160ec, 4-1202eo, 4-1204ss, 4-1210sg, 4-1230eb, 4-1270ez ¦ HP Pavilion ¦ HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15-b000sm, 15-b001es, 15-b003eia, 15-b006ed, 15-b010sw, 15-b011nr, 15-b012nr, 15-b020sw, 15-b023cl, 15-b024sl, 15-b027ec, 15-b028sl, 15-b030eg, 15-b030sc, 15-b040ep, 15-b040sp, 15-b050ew, 15-b050sw, 15-b060sl, 15-b070sl, 15-b100ed, 15-b100sl, 15-b101sd, 15-b101sl, 15-b101sp, 15-b102el, 15-b102sp, 15-b102ss, 15-b103el, 15-b104sp, 15-b105el, 15-b105la, 15-b105sw, 15-b107sf, 15-b107sl, 15-b108ss, 15-b109el, 15-b110ew, 15-b110sw, 15-b112eo, 15-b112ss, 15-b113si, 15-b114el, 15-b114sg, 15-b115sa, 15-b116sp, 15-b117el, 15-b117sl, 15-b118sl, 15-b119wm, 15-b120ew, 15-b120la, 15-b120us, 15-b125el, 15-b125sb, 15-b128el, 15-b128es, 15-b128sb, 15-b129el, 15-b130eb, 15-b130sc, 15-b132sf, 15-b137ss, 15-b140el, 15-b140nr, 15-b140us, 15-b141eb, 15-b148el, 15-b151eo, 15-b151sg, 15-b152sf, 15-b153so, 15-b155ef, 15-b155so, 15-b159sl, 15-b164sl, 15-b165sc, 15-b165sl, 15-b168sl, 15-b171sd, 15-b172ed, 15-b179sr, 15-b180eg, 15-b183eg, 15-b191sg, 15-b196sl, 15-b197sl, 15-b198ed ¦ HP Pavilion TouchSmart ¦ HP Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook 15-b103au, 15-b105ed, 15-b105sg, 15-b107cl, 15-b108sy, 15-b114eo, 15-b115eo, 15-b115sp, 15-b118eo, 15-b119eo, 15-b124es, 15-b124sf, 15-b124ss, 15-b125sf, 15-b127sl, 15-b129ca, 15-b129sa, 15-b130ea, 15-b130sa, 15-b140ca, 15-b145eb, 15-b146ef, 15-b151ef, 15-b153cl, 15-b153nr, 15-b155ef, 15-b155sf, 15-b155sw, 15-b156nr, 15-b157eo, 15-b161ef, 15-b161nr, 15-b166eo, 15-b181ea, 15-b189sl, 15-b192sa, 15-b195ea, 15-b195sa ¦ HP Pavilion Wave ¦ HP Pavilion x2 ¦ HP Pavilion x360 ¦ HP Spectre 14-3200ef, 14-3200eg ¦ HP SPECTRE XT TouchSmart 15-4000ef, 15-4000ez ¦ HP Split x2 ¦ HP Stream ¦ HP Stream x360 ¦ HP TouchSmart


Product Code:
EAN Code:
Hewlett Packard

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