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HP x5500 / Mouse / laser / wireless / USB wireless receiver | H2W15AA#ABB


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Product Code:943786K
EAN Code:0886112848057
Manufacturer:Hewlett Packard

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HP x5500 / Mouse / laser / wireless / USB wireless receiver | H2W15AA#ABB


With the force of a lightning bolt, the HP Wireless Mouse X5500 grabs your soul and won't let go. Its modern design expresses sleek athleticism. Hyper-fast scrolling delivers potent productivity. Battery life can last a game-changing 24 months.The HP Wireless Mouse X5500 combines dramatic contours & sweeping lines to be aggressive, sleek & sublime. The inspired sculpture is so breathtaking it belongs in a modern art museum.The HP Wireless Mouse X5500 catapults the mouse into a new stratosphere. Hyper-fast scrolling speeds through documents & the web. Laser sensor works on almost every surface.The HP Wireless Mouse X5500 battery life can last an amazing 2 years. Extended battery life also means you save more money and fewer batteries in the landfill.Masterfully crafted for agility and support, the HP Wireless Mouse X5500 holds your hand with all-day relaxation. Perfect balance, expert proportions and flared edges give this flawless mouse a custom-made feel.

Product Specification

Device Type Mouse
Wireless Receiver USB wireless receiver
Localisation English / Europe
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Movement Detection Technology Laser
Interfaces 1 x USB - 4 pin USB Type A
Designed For OMEN by HP ¦ HP ¦ HP Chromebook ¦ HP Envy ¦ HP ENVY Phoenix ¦ HP ENVY Recline 23-k450na, 23-k470na ¦ HP Envy Sleekbook ¦ HP Envy Spectre XT ¦ HP ENVY TouchSmart ¦ HP Envy x2 ¦ HP Mini 110-3510nr, 110-3518cl, 110-3519la, 110-3520CA, 110-3520la, 110-3521la, 110-3524la, 110-3525la, 110-3530nr, 110-3538tu, 110-3550LA, 110-3600eh, 110-3600eo, 110-3600es, 110-3600sa, 110-3600sb, 110-3600sd, 110-3600sg, 110-3600so, 110-3600ss, 110-3601eo, 110-3602eo, 110-3602es, 110-3602sa, 110-3602sl, 110-3602ss, 110-3603eo, 110-3603so, 110-3604sa, 110-3605ss, 110-3610sa, 110-3611ss, 110-3612sa, 110-3614sa, 110-3620ep, 110-3620es, 110-3620sp, 110-3620ss, 110-3627tu, 110-3650ef, 110-3650sf, 110-3651sf, 110-3652ef, 110-3652sf, 110-3653ef, 110-3653sf, 200-4200ea, 200-4200ef, 200-4200sa, 200-4200sb, 200-4200Sf, 200-4200sm, 200-4200so, 200-4200sp, 200-4200ss, 200-4200sw, 200-4201ea, 200-4201sa, 200-4202ea, 200-4202sa, 200-4202sf, 200-4210sf, 200-4210ss, 200-4211sf, 200-4212sf, 200-4212TU, 200-4220ss, 210-1006sa, 210-1010ey, 210-1014sa, 210-1030eg, 210-1030EQ, 210-1031eg, 210-1032ss, 210-1032VU, 210-1040es, 210-1040EW, 210-1070ED, 210-1080sf, 210-1095CA, 210-1097NR, 210-1099EA, 210-1099EC, 210-1099ED, 210-1099EF, 210-1099EG, 210-1099EL, 210-1099EO, 210-1099ES, 210-1099EW, 210-1099SE, 210-1101SD, 210-1110SW, 210-1111si, 210-1112si, 210-1112SO, 210-1113si, 210-1118EF, 210-1118SF, 210-1120si, 210-1120SW, 210-1130SB, 210-1131TU, 210-1140SW, 210-1150EC, 210-1150SW, 210-1155SA, 210-1156sa, 210-1160CA, 210-1170CA, 210-1171NR, 210-1199DX, 210-4004TU ¦ HP Pavilion ¦ HP Pavilion Chromebook ¦ HP Pavilion Gaming ¦ HP Pavilion Sleekbook ¦ HP Pavilion TouchSmart ¦ HP Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook ¦ HP Pavilion Wave ¦ HP Pavilion x2 ¦ HP Pavilion x360 ¦ HP Spectre 14-3200ea, 14-3200ed, 14-3200ef, 14-3200eg, 14-3200eo ¦ HP Spectre x2 ¦ HP Spectre x360 ¦ HP Spectre XT ¦ HP SPECTRE XT TouchSmart ¦ HP Split x2 ¦ HP Stream ¦ HP Stream x360 ¦ HP TouchSmart ¦ HP x2

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Hewlett Packard

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