HP Slim / Power adapter / 65 Watt / Europe / for Chromebook 14 / EliteBook 1040 G3 / ProBook 45X G3 / Spectre Pro x360 G2 / Spectre x2 / x360 | H6Y82AA#ABB


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Product Code:943ALXA
EAN Code:0887758606407
Manufacturer:Hewlett Packard
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HP Slim / Power adapter / 65 Watt / Europe / for Chromebook 14 / EliteBook 1040 G3 / ProBook 45X G3 / Spectre Pro x360 G2 / Spectre x2 / x360 | H6Y82AA#ABB


The HP 65W Slim Adapter is 40% thinner than the standard 65W adapter and includes a convenient USB port for charging other accessories while you work.

Special Features

  • Provides a convenient and portable power source for use in a mobile environment
  • Compact design makes HP Smart AC Adapters an ideal travel companion
  • HP 65W Slim adapter are 40% thinner than standard 65W adapters

Product Specification

Device Type Power adapter - external
Localisation English / Europe
Power Capacity 65 Watt
Service & Support 1 year warranty
Service & Support Details Limited warranty - 1 year
Designed For HP 250 G4 ¦ HP Chromebook 14, 14 G1, 14 G3, 14 G4, 14-ak000nd, 14-ak000nf, 14-AK001NF, 14-AK001TU, 14-AK002TU, 14-AK003TU, 14-ak004na, 14-AK004TU, 14-q004la, 14-q030eg, 14-x000no, 14-x001no, 14-x002no, 14-x002tu, 14-x003no, 14-x003tu, 14-x010ca, 14-x010nr, 14-x010ns, 14-x010nz, 14-x010wm, 14-x011nf, 14-x012nf, 14-x013dx, 14-x013nf, 14-x014nf, 14-x015wm, 14-x016na, 14-x017na, 14-x020na, 14-x021na, 14-x023na, 14-x024na, 14-x025na, 14-x030nb, 14-x030nr, 14-x030nz, 14-x031nb, 14-x040nr, 14-x050nr, 14-X094NF, 14-x095nf, 14-X096NF, 14-x097nf, 14-x099nd ¦ HP EliteBook 1040 G3, 2570p, 725 G2, 745 G2, 755 G2, 820 G1, 820 G2, 840 G1, 840 G2, 850 G1, 850 G2 ¦ HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1, 1040 G1, 1040 G2 ¦ HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G1 Tablet, 810 G2 Tablet ¦ HP ProBook 430 G1, 430 G2, 440 G3, 450 G1, 450 G2, 450 G3, 455 G3, 470 G3, 640 G1, 645 G1, 650 G1 ¦ HP Spectre 13-3002nf, 13-4040no, 13-4096nf, 13-4106na, 13-4108na, 13-4182ng, 13-D004NG ¦ HP Spectre Pro x360 G1, x360 G2 ¦ HP Spectre x2 12-a001na, 12-a001nf, 12-A001NG, 12-a004na, 12-a005na, 12-a010nd, 12-a020nd, 13-h200ee, 13-h211nr ¦ HP Spectre x360 13-4000na, 13-4000nc, 13-4000nf, 13-4000ng, 13-4000nn, 13-4000ns, 13-4001na, 13-4001nf, 13-4001ng, 13-4001np, 13-4001ns, 13-4002dx, 13-4002nf, 13-4003nl, 13-4003ns, 13-4005dx, 13-4005tu, 13-4006nl, 13-4006tu, 13-4007na, 13-4007nc, 13-4007nl, 13-4007tu, 13-4008na, 13-4008tu, 13-4009na, 13-4009tu, 13-4010ca, 13-4010la, 13-4020nd, 13-4020ng, 13-4020np, 13-4021ca, 13-4021ng, 13-4030ca, 13-4030no, 13-4031nd, 13-4032no, 13-4040la, 13-4040nd, 13-4040no, 13-4041no, 13-4050ca, 13-4070nb, 13-4070nz, 13-4080nb, 13-4080no, 13-4090nz, 13-4096nf, 13-4097nf, 13-4099nf, 13-4100nb, 13-4100nf, 13-4101la, 13-4101ng, 13-4101no, 13-4102ng, 13-4102no, 13-4102TU, 13-4103nf, 13-4103ng, 13-4103TU, 13-4104ng, 13-4105nf, 13-4105ng, 13-4107nf, 13-4110nd, 13-4111TU, 13-4150nd, 13-4190nd, PRO G1 ¦ HP ZBook 14 Mobile Workstation, 15u G2 Mobile Workstation


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Hewlett Packard
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