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HP StorageWorks SAS Rack-Mount Kit - Storage enclosure - 1U

Hewlett Packard 94326HS

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Product Code:94326HS
EAN Code:4948382602237
Manufacturer:Hewlett Packard

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Hewlett Packard AE459B HP StorageWorks SAS Rack-Mount Kit - Storage enclosure - 1U

HP StorageWorks SAS Rack-Mount Kit - Storage enclosure - 1U

The HP StorageWorks Rack-mount Kits provide a high density, rack-mountable tape drive and RDX removable disk drive solution for both direct-attach SCSI, USB, or SAS backup and archiving applications.

The HP StorageWorks 1U Rack-mount Kit supports DAT and LTO Ultrium internal tape drives, and RDX internal removable disk backup systems. The 1U rack-mount kit is available in SCSI, SAS and USB interfaces. With two 2 Ultrium 3000 drives, the 1U SAS enclosure can provide a maximum compressed capacity of 6 TB with a data transfer rate up to 2 TB/hr.

The HP StorageWorks 3U Rack-mount Kit holds two 2 full-height internal tape drives, four 4 half-height internal tape drives, or a combination of one 1 full height and two 2 half-height tape drives. It is available in both SCSI and SAS interfaces. With four 4 LTO-5 Ultrium 3000 SAS drives this enclosure solution can provide a maximum compressed capacity of 12 TB.

Space-efficient Way to Rack-mount Tape Drives and RDX Backup Systems

• HP Rack-mount Kits are ideal for customers who have limited space in their rack as it allows for a smaller footprint leaving valuable space for other key components in the data center

SCSI, SAS and USB Interfaces to Suit your Environment

• SCSI versions of the 1U and 3U Rack-mount Kit allow customers to connect SCSI tape drives to high-density servers where rack space is a premium

Quick and Easy Installation

• In addition to no tools required for installation, the 1U and 3U rack-mount kits provide top access and removable drive tray for easier access to tape drives

Feature list

Form factor: 1U
Size: 19.0 x 25.3 x 1.7 "
Weight: 8070 g

HP StorageWorks SAS Rack-Mount Kit - Storage enclosure - 1U


Product Code:
EAN Code:
Hewlett Packard

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