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Product Features

  • Easy plug-and-play installation
    The WLAN controller automatically detects new access points and they can be integrated into the WLAN network with a couple of clicks. A description of the relevant location can be added to any AP to simplify identification. Upgrades or changes to an existing configuration are rolled out to all managed access points within seconds.
  • Top-level security
    The security algorithms for all bintec 802.11n access points are Wifi Alliance certified in terms of interoperability and security. However, the bintec WLAN controller goes one step further and takes security to the next level. The keys and access codes can easily end up in the wrong hands if the device is stolen, especially when devices have to be mounted in easily accessible, public locations (e.g. stairwells). The bintec WLAN controller only saves the devices' configuration, and thus the keys and access codes too, in the managed access point's volatile RAM. After any power failure, the configuration stored in the bintec WLAN controller is very swiftly automatically reloaded to the managed access point.
  • Seamless roaming for voice over WLAN telephony
    Where professional WLAN telephones are in use, the bintec 802.11n access points and bintec WLAN controller enable seamless roaming. Roaming is always important when a larger WLAN network is being operated and there is a requirement for a WLAN telephone to be able to switch between access points during the call without interrupting the call. The bintec WLAN infrastructure comprising bintec 802.11n access point and bintec WLAN controller enable roaming in under 40 milliseconds even with WPA2-PSK encryption where professional WLAN telephones are being used. The human ear can hardly detect this brief interruption. The bintec WLAN devices also support the power-saving U-APSD (Unscheduled Automatic Power Save Delivery) algorithm, which is important for WLAN telephony.

Special Features

  • Wizard-guided installation in just five steps
  • Supports the bintec W1002n, WIx40n and WIx65n devices with software release 7.9.6 or above
  • Automatically detects and installs new devices
  • Frequency management with automated detection of wireless channels
  • VLAN and multi-SSID support
  • Any change to the configuration, e.g. adding a new SSID, and redistribution to devices only takes a few clicks and can be done in a few seconds
  • Configuration management: the configuration is saved centrally and is automatically redistributed e.g. if there is a power failure
  • The monitor function includes detecting APs in the neighbourhood and monitoring clients. In addition the monitor function provides a wireless cell based location of clients
  • The wireless network is roaming-capable, so it is ideal for VoWLAN telephony - voice-ready, as it were
  • Automated firmware rollout for all managed devices

Product Specification

Category Online & appliance based services - appliance software
Product Type Licence
Licencing Licencing
Licence Qty 6 access points

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