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Advanced VPN Client 1 License

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Lancom Systems LS61600 Advanced VPN Client 1 License

Advanced VPN Client 1 License

- High-security encrypted corporate network access on the move
- Integrated stateful inspection firewall
- Supports all IPSec protocol extensions
- Prioritization of Voice over IP

More Security
Optimally tuned for LANCOM VPN gateways, the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client offers highly comprehensive security functions that are suited to any scenario: IPSec encryption with AES or 3-DES, IPCOMP data compression, extended authentication X.auth, EAP, support of digital certificates and hardware tokens, an integrated stateful inspection firewall with situation-dependant firewall rules, and “friendly net detection” which automatically identifies secure and unsecure networks.

More Convenience
Installation Wizards are included which enable quick and easy VPN integration. Dial-in functions are supported by a range of profiles. Automatic media detection means that the connection type does not have to be defined manually; it is selected automatically depending on the available medium. If desired, the client can handle the dial-in procedure for analog or DSL modems, and for ISDN, GPRS or UMTS cards. The dynamic DNS function in the LANCOM VPN gateways enable even standard DSL connections with dynamic IP addresses to be used for VPN dial-in access.

More Performance
The versatility of the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client makes it the ideal mobile companion for business travelers: This includes the 0900er dialer protection, automatic channel bundling, or the various start-up options that the client can integrate directly into the Windows login. The automatic connection-establishment tools offer wide-ranging cost-control functions and a constant overview of charges, online time, and transfer volumes. The option of prioritizing VoIP data traffic facilitates an optimal integration into existing LANCOM VoIP infrastructure.

Feature list

Number of users: 1 users
Software type: Disk Kit
Compatible operating systems: Windows 98SE/ XP

Advanced VPN Client 1 License


Lancom Systems
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