Returns Policy

The customer is obliged to check the products received and inform «Singular Computer Systems LTD» (hereinafter the "Company") as soon as possible and in any case within 2 days from the product’s receipt for any obvious external defects or errors in delivery. After the expiry of the period of two days the products are considered to have been received at an excellent condition.


This would be the case where due to a proven Company’s fault, the product delivered to you, was other or substantially different from what you ordered. This error may have occurred either due to the wrong entry of the order from the sales department, either by mistake of the warehouse in packaging your order. We apologize in advance for this mistake. In such cases all the costs for the return of the wrong product and for sending the right one are undertaken by the Company and such procedure shall be handled as a top priority for the immediate replacement of the product.


You have the right to withdraw from your original purchase and return the product and either purchase another product at the same price or a more expensive one by paying the price difference, or request for a refund, under the terms and conditions described in Article 7 of the Terms of Use, by completing and submitting the Declaration of Withdrawal.


All products sold by the Company are durable products and carry all necessary certification for safe operation. All products are accompanied by written instructions (other than simple-to-use products) and a written warranty of reasonable duration, in accordance with the details set out in Article 8 of the Terms of Use.

In case of a faulty/non working product either upon delivery or during the guarantee period specified by the manufacturer, you can return the product to our technical department for technical inspection repair or replacement, according to the warranty conditions of the manufacturer and as detailed in Article 8 of the Terms of Use.
The products warrantee allows service and fixing or the problem, given that the following conditions are met:

a. the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty are fulfilled and you have the proof of the product’s purchase.
b. the fixed components of the product (Serial Number -Serial No.) have not been altered.
c. the damage is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

You should note that many manufacturers provide privileged warranty for their products, which may cover either the product’s receipt and its return after being repaired at your place (onsite pickup & return), or even on-site repair by the next business day.

You can refer to the terms of the warranty of the product to determine the exact coverage provided. In such cases it would be advisable to call the manufacturer directly, and follow the procedure provided in order to achieve a significant reduction of the time for your product’s repair.

Many manufacturers apply the process DOA (Dead on Arrival), i.e. the product that presents a manufacturing defect or damage during delivery or in the first few days of operation. These products are replaced within a few days, i.e. the time required for testing and verification of the defecτ.

In order to return your product so as to be repaired please fill the relevant Form and you will receive immediate written response from our technical department. Please send the product to our service department in order to proceed as soon as possible to the technical inspection and verification of the defect. Following if the product is covered by warranty it will be forwarded directly to the manufacturer for repair or replacement, according to the terms of the manufacturer's warranty.

After the product’s return from the manufacturer, and its final inspection by our technical department you will be notified to pick it up or delivered to your address. Of course all these services under warranty are free of charge. The sole obligation that you have is the delivery or receipt of the product.

In any case that the product’s defect should not be due to its misuse by the client and the product should be accompanied by its original documents of sale (e.g. receipt, etc.) and its commercial - complete package.

The guarantee is provided for a limited period of time as indicated in the detailed product characteristics. After this period the repair or replacement of the products is possible at an additional charge upon a new agreement with the client.

To return your product, please fill out "Return Form" by clicking here


If you are close to our physical store you can visit it, and after checking the condition of the product the competent officer will advice you on the next steps to follow. If you are going to send it via courier:

1. You should pack the product in a larger box to be protected during shipment.
2. You should place in the package that you have created a document that indicates how you want to resolve the outstanding amount, if the return of the product is approved
3. You should send the parcel by courier, to the attention of the Returns Department. Please note that the return costs are charged to the customer.

We would like to point out that in the event that the product does not meet the above requirements it will be returned to the sender on his charge.

Where the conditions are met and the product’s return is being accepted or the consumer is either entitled to receive a credit note of the value of the product returned so as to buy another product of equal value or receive bank the product’s price in cash, in case that the purchase of the said product was made in cash. If the purchase was made by credit card, then the transaction will be canceled and the amount will be credited to its credit card. In such cases the client will not be entitled for a cash refund.

The client is responsible to store (backup) and remove any data or other programs (software) installed on a hard disk or any other storage media of the returned product. The Company assumes no responsibility for loss or disclosure of such data or programs.


The Company assumes no liability for the terms and response times return DOA or conditions required to be performed. All repairs or replacements made by Certified Repair Centers chosen by the manufacturer, not the Company. In any case, however, we will make our best effort to assist you with the completion of these procedures.

In case of repeated refunds or in the event that the Company, at its sole discretion, considers that the consumer abuses its refund rights or acts in bad faith, the Company is entitled to refuse to return the product even if the above terms and conditions are met.

The Company reserves the right at any time to cancel or amend the Return Policy through publication of the relevant new terms and conditions on the E-Shop or its stores.

For any information about these Terms, please contact the Online Store at tel. 00357-25878758 or send an email to the email address [email protected].

Last Update: 01/12/14