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Estimated delivery time 2-6 days DisplayPort to DVI Video Adapter Converter (DP2DVI2)

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Στα αγαπημένα DP2DVI2 DisplayPort to DVI Video Adapter Converter (DP2DVI2) DisplayPort to DVI Video Adapter Converter (DP2DVI2)

Connect your DVI monitor to a DisplayPort equipped computer.

- Simple to use, small form factor converter makes DisplayPort backwards compatible with your DVI-D display.
- No installation software or drivers required providing a simple plug and play solution.
- 4 inch cable offers added flexibility in tight spots.

The DP2DVI2 DVI/DisplayPort adapter supports display resolutions of up to 1920x1200 allowing you to take full advantage of single link DVI capability. DP2DVI2 is a passive adapter that requires a DP port DisplayPort, meaning that DVI and HDMI signals can also be passed through the port.
Backed by a 1 year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Feature list

Connector 1: Display Port
Connector 2: DVI
Gender type: male/female
Colour of product: Black
Cable length: 0.15 m
Packaging width: 14.00 mm
Packaging height: 209.00 mm
Package weight: 40 tbc g
Packaging length: 109.00 mm
Width: 42 mm
Height: 17 mm
Empty weight: 45.4 g
Length: 51 mm DisplayPort to DVI Video Adapter Converter (DP2DVI2)


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