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Quantum DLTtape IV - DLT IV - 40 GB / 80 GB - DLT8000

Quantum 3340425

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Product Code:3340425
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Quantum THXKD-02 Quantum DLTtape IV - DLT IV - 40 GB / 80 GB - DLT8000

Quantum DLTtape IV - DLT IV - 40 GB / 80 GB - DLT8000

The DLTtape System
With the volume of information increasing exponentially, dependable
recording and preservation of data is crucial to the successful operation of a corporation. One of the most critical links in this process is the quality of the backup tape itself. The Quantum DLTtape® family of half-inch cartridge tapes, designed and formulated specifically for Quantum DLTtape drives, delivers what you need: Proven performance and durability.
Built to the Highest Standards
Quantum DLTtape Technology takes advantage of the latest advances in
binder chemistry with its unique high-grade metal particle MP
formulation. By combining both solid and liquid lubricants in the tape
binder system, tape and head wear are reduced while repelling airborne
particles that could affect read/write head performance. In addition, by
using a uniform particle shape, a dense binding system, a smooth
coating surface, and a specially selected base film, Quantum DLTtape
half–inch cartridge tapes take advantage of shorter wave–length
recording schemes to ensure read compatibility with future generations of DLTtape drives.
Total Quality Control
Quantum DLTtape half–inch cartridge tapes are manufactured using the
highest level of quality control, thorough in–process certification, and
frequent audits. Sample tapes from each lot are tested according to the
most stringent standards, including a write/read test using the interchange format proposed by ANSI X3B5 and adapted by ECMA and ISO.

Feature list

Operating relative humidity range: 20 - 80 %
Operating temperature range T-T: 10 - 40 °C
Storage relative humidity range: 40 - 60 %
Storage temperature range T-T: 18 - 26 °C
Tape size: N mm
Dimensions W x D x H: 105.6 x 105.3 x 25.4 mm
Weight: 3530 g
Tape life: 30 years
Tape type: DLT
Total storage capacity: 40 GB
Transfer rate: 3 MB/s
Colour of product: Dark Brown

Quantum DLTtape IV - DLT IV - 40 GB / 80 GB - DLT8000

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