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V7 BATTERY FOR HP DV6-7KX9 6 CELL MO06 671731-001 699468-001 HSTNN-DB (V7EH-MO06)

V7 J152650

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Product Code:J152650
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V7 V7EH-MO06 V7 BATTERY FOR HP DV6-7KX9 6 CELL MO06 671731-001 699468-001 HSTNN-DB (V7EH-MO06)

V7's high-quality replacement notebook batteries are made from the highest-quality cells available and incorporate all of the standard logic boards, thermal protectors, thermistors and circuit breakers to ensure maximum levels of safety, reliability and efficiency. V7's wide selection is compatible with top-line products from all major manufacturers and meets or even exceeds original OEM specifications to provide longer-lasting quality and no memory effect.

Selection - V7 offers a wide variety of batteries for notebooks from all major OEMs like Acer, Apple, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and others.
Pricing - V7 offers leading price-performance ratio.
Compatibility - V7 batteries are 100-percent compatible with OEM products.
Dependability - V7 batteries meet or exceed original OEM specifications.
Quality - They are designed with the finest components available.
Performance - V7 batteries are longer-lasting, without memory effect.
Warranty - Each battery has a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Feature list

Battery capacity: 5600 mAh
Purpose: Notebook/tablet PC
Battery technology: Lithium-Ion
Battery voltage: 10.8 V
Battery capacity Watt hours: 61 Wh
Number of battery cells: 6
Colour of product: Black
Compatible products: HP COMPAQ ENVY DV4-5201TU, ENVY DV4 5201TX, ENVY DV4-5202TU, ENVY DV4-5202TX, ENVY DV4-5203TU, ENVY DV4-5203TX, ENVY DV4-5204TX, ENVY DV4-5205TX, ENVY DV4-5206TX, ENVY DV4-5207TX, ENVY DV4-5208TX, ENVY DV4-5209TX, ENVY DV4-5210TX, ENVY DV4-5211NR, ENVY DV4-5211TX, ENVY DV4-5212TX, ENVY DV4-5213CL, ENVY DV4-5213TX, ENVY DV4-5214TX, ENVY DV4-5215TX, ENVY DV4-5216ET, ENVY DV4-5216TX, ENVY DV4-5217TX, ENVY DV4-5220US, ENVY DV4-5243CL, ENVY DV4-5260NR, ENVY DV4-5264LA, ENVY DV4-5266LA, ENVY DV4-5301TX, ENVY DV4-5302TU, ENVY DV4-5302TX, ENVY DV4-5303TX, ENVY DV4-5304TX, ENVY DV4-5305TX, ENVY DV4-5306TX, ENVY DV4-5307TX, ENVY DV4-5308TX, ENVY DV4-5309TX, ENVY DV4-5311TX, ENVY DV4-5312TX, ENVY DV4-5313TX, ENVY DV4-5314TX, ENVY DV4-5315TX, ENVY DV4-5316TX, ENVY DV4-5317TX, ENVY DV4-5318TX, ENVY DV4-5319TX, ENVY DV4-5B01TX, ENVY DV4-5B02TX, ENVY DV4-5B03TX, ENVY DV4T-5200, ENVY DV4T-5300, ENVY DV4T-5200, ENVY DV4T-5300, ENVY DV6-7201TU, ENVY DV6-7201TX, ENVY DV6-7202AX, ENVY DV6-7202TU, ENVY DV6-7201TX, ENVY DV6-7202AX, ENVY DV6-7202TU, ENVY DV6-7202TX, ENVY DV6-7203AX, ENVY DV6-7203TX, ENVY DV6-7203TU, ENVY DV6-7204AX, ENVY DV6-7204TU, ENVY DV6-7205AX, ENVY DV6-7205TX, ENVY DV6-7206TX, ENVY DV6-7207TX
RoHS compliance: Y
Weight: 907.18 g

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