AXIS Surveillance / Flash memory card (microSDXC to SD adapter included) / 256GB / Video Class V30 / UHS Class 3 / Class10 / microSDXC / white / for AXIS M4308, P3818, Q1951, Q1952, Q6100, V5938 50; P37 Series; Q60 Series; V59 Series | 02021-001

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Product CodeB093858 EAN Code7331021070844 ManufacturerAXIS

Special Features

  • Optimized for surveillance cameras
  • Health monitoring ready
  • SD card adapter included

Product Specification

Product Type Flash memory card
Storage Capacity 256 GB
Enclosure Colour White
Memory Memory
Speed Class Video Class V30 / UHS Class 3 / Class10
Read Rate Up to 100 MB/s
Write Rate Up to 50 MB/s
Form Factor microSDXC
Included Memory Adapter microSDXC to SD adapter
Manufacturer Warranty Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support Limited warranty - 3 years
Dimensions & Weight Dimensions & Weight
Width 15 mm
Depth 11 mm
Thickness 1 mm
Environmental Parameters Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature -25 °C
Max Operating Temperature 85 °C
Compatibility Information Compatibility Information
Designed For AXIS A8207-VE MkII Network Video Door Station, A8207-VE Network Video Door Station, D2050-VE Network Radar Detector, M1134, M1135, M1135-E, M1137, M1137-E, M2026-LE Mk II, M3067-P, M3068-P, M4308-PLE, M5054, M5055, M5065, M5525-E PTZ Network Camera, M5525-E PTZ Network Camera 50Hz, P1265 Network Camera, P1280-E, P1367-E, P1368-E Network Camera, P1375 Network Camera, P1375-E, P1377, P1377-LE, P1378 Network Camera, P1378-LE Network Camera, P1445-LE, P1447-LE, P1448-LE, P1455-LE, P1455-LE-3 License Plate Verifier Kit, P3255-LVE, P3715-PLVE, P3818-PVE, P3925-LRE, P3925-LRE M12, P3925-R, P3935-LR, P5655-E 50 Hz, P5655-E 60 Hz, P7304 Video Encoder, Q1615 Mk III, Q1615-LE Mk III, Q1645, Q1645-LE Network Camera, Q1647, Q1647-LE, Q1700-LE License Plate Camera, Q1785-LE, Q1786-LE, Q1798-LE, Q1951-E, Q1952-E, Q6054 Mk III 50 Hz, Q6054-E Mk III 50 Hz, Q6054-E Mk III 60 Hz, Q6055-S PTZ Network Camera, Q6055-S PTZ Network Camera 60Hz, Q6074, Q6074 50 Hz, Q6074 60 Hz, Q6074-E 50 Hz, Q6074-E 60 Hz, Q6075 50 Hz, Q6075 60 Hz, Q6075-E 50 Hz, Q6075-E 60 Hz, Q6100-E 50 Hz, Q6100-E 60 Hz, Q6124-E PTZ Network Camera 50Hz, Q6124-E PTZ Network Camera 60Hz, Q6125-LE PTZ Network Camera 50Hz, Q6125-LE PTZ Network Camera 60Hz, Q6154-E 50Hz, Q6154-E 60Hz, Q6215-LE 50Hz, Q6215-LE 60Hz, Q6315-LE 50 Hz, Q6315-LE 60 Hz, Q8685-E, Q8741-E Bispectral PTZ Network Camera, Q8741-LE (35mm 30 fps) / Q8741-LE Bispectral (35mm 30 fps), Q8741-LE Bispectral PTZ Network Camera, Q8742-E Bispectral PTZ Network Camera, Q8742-LE Zoom Bispectral PTZ Network Camera, Q8752-E, V5925, V5938 50 Hz, XF40-Q2901 Explosion-Protected Temperature Alarm Camera, XF60-Q2901 Explosion-Protected Temperature Alarm Camera, XP40-Q1765 CLCUS, XP40-Q1765 Explosion Protected Network Camera, XP40-Q1942 Explosion-Protected Thermal Network Camera ¦ AXIS P37 Series P3727-PLE ¦ AXIS Q60 Series Q6078-E 50 Hz, Q6078-E 60 Hz ¦ AXIS V59 Series V5938 60 Hz

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