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CardScan Executive ( v. 9 ) box pack (version upgrade) 1 user upgrade from ver. 8 CD

Dymo V150268

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Product Code:V150268
EAN Code:0792980001008

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Dymo 1806065 Dymo CARDSCAN SOFTWARE UPGRADE (1806065)

Improved user interface edit, sort, search, categorize and eliminate duplicates easier than ever
The new CardScan v9 software upgrade includes a unique Microsoft Outlook Add-In that allows the user the ability to manage his contacts directly within the Outlook application!
- Scan contacts directly within Outlook
- Easily cut and paste contact info from web, email, etc to create a new contact file
- Newly designed Image View option allows for easy scrolling through contacts
Image view for consumers to scroll through contacts based on pictures of business cards
Connect online directly connect to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts of your contacts
"Save As" Feature save any CardScan file in .csv or .vcf format

Note: The CardScan v9 upgrade includes two .exe files.
- One file is for the CardScan v9 Software Upgrade.
- The other file includes the Microsoft Outlook Add-in.
You can install both .exe files if you choose, however the CardScan v9 Software Upgrade exe file does not support At Your Service AYS. If you are a CardScan v8 user and wish to continue to use AYS, you can choose to install just the Outlook Add-in file.

CardScan v9 Software does not support Microsoft Office- Outlook 64 Bit.

Feature list

License quantity: 1 users
Language version: DEU, DUT, ENG, ESP, FRE, ITA
Package type: Polybag
Package weight: 74 g
Package depth: 130 mm
Package height: 5 mm
Package width: 130 mm
Country of origin: China
Package volume: 0.0845 l
Volume inner carton: 9.0605 l
Gross weight inner carton: 7.500 kg
Net weight inner carton: 7.400 kg
Quantity inner carton: 100 pcs
Width inner carton: 132 mm
Depth inner carton: 132 mm
Height inner carton: 520 mm
Gross weight of outer carton: 0.735 kg
Net weight of outer carton: 0.735 kg
Quantity outer carton: 10 pcs
Volume outer carton: 0.8281 l
Width outer carton: 130 mm
Depth outer carton: 130 mm
Height outer carton: 49 mm
Customs code: 8523402500


Product Code:
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