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Creative Sound Blaster BLAZE / Headset / on-ear | 70GH032000000 Description Stay focused on your game with the Creative SB Blaze Gaming Headset. A worthy successor to one of their most popular gaming headsets, this powerful, lightweight piece of gaming gear is the real...
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Product Features Speak freely with auto mute It can be embarrassing when you get caught off guard while switching between screens during a Zoom meeting, and struggling to unmute yourself when it's your turn to speak. Especially during video calls where everyone's looking at each other...
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Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX / Sound card / 24-bit / 192 kHz / 106 dB SNR / 7.1 / PCIe / Creative E-MU | 70SB155000001 Description The Sound Blaster Audigy Rx is an advanced sound card that represents the perfect upgrade from basic motherboard audio to immersive...
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Product Features For games Get started instantly with Gaming Profiles that have been optimized for the hottest games like PUBG and Fortnite, or tweak the EQ settings further to make the profile truly yours. For voice chat Choose from list of pre-tuned Microphone EQs that compensates...
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Product Features Custom Xamp discrete headphone bi-amp Maximize your prized headset's potential! Powerful headsets require audiophile-grade headphone amplifier to drive outstanding audio performance, and that's where Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus comes in. The hi-res sound card features Xamp,...
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Product Features Redefine Your Movie Experience Imagine watching a film at home, putting on a pair of headphones, and feeling the audio move around you like the movie experience you get out of a real cinema. What's more, it works even on streamed content! Whether you're streaming the...
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Creative Sound BlasterX G6 / Sound card / 32-bit / 384 kHz / 7.1 / USB 2.0 / SB-Axx1 | 70SB177000000 Description Upgrade your game! The Sound BlasterX G6 immediately improves your audio, giving you a much more enjoyable experience. Creative Sound BlasterX G6 / Sound card |...
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Creative Sound Blaster EA-7 / Sound card / 32-bit / 384 kHz / 127 dB SNR / 5.1 / PCIe | 70SB180000000 Description Featuring pristine audio fidelity alongside Sound Blaster's audio processing legacy, the AE-7 takes the audio game up a notch and will awe you with its audiophile-grade...
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